ICON International Coalition Of Networkers

May SUCCESS be the beacon guiding us across the global networking seas.~Junior Sanchez {LION}

Welcome to ICON

As social media continues to sweep the globe, having a website and belonging to a few marketing sites isn’t enough to advertise your expertise and your business. To create a strong business following, you must belong to as many groups and sites as possible. The International Coalition Of Networkers (ICON) combines a convenient business platform to link all members to each others' websites, blogs, videos, profiles, groups, fan pages, etc. in order to give you the spotlight you seek on a global spectrum.

ICON is a professional networking group whose main purpose is to unite networkers from all over the globe to each other in order to exchange ideas, products, and expertise. We are more than just about exchanging referrals, we want all our members to interact, invite their colleagues, and enjoy the essence of networking – which is to build stable and well established business connections.

                            ICON (International Coalition Of Networkers)