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May SUCCESS be the beacon guiding us across the global networking seas.~Junior Sanchez {LION}


Navigating Our Site

  1. What is Wiki?

    Wiki is ICON's app adder.  Use it to link your profiles from other sites, videos, photos, rss feeds, etc.  Wiki has the functionality to add your many different websites' information to your existing member page on ICON.

  2. What is Easy Edit and how do I use it?

    Easy Edit is located on the Wiki page and is the source where the Wiki apps will be uploaded to your member page.  Once you click it, it will open up a tab where you can choose the apps to add and the profiles you want to link to your ICON member page.  Please note, if an app is not readily available, Easy Edit will allow you the freedom to create it.

  3. How can I add or upload photos?

    In order to upload or add photos on ICON, you must click on the Photo Gallery page first.  Once loaded you will be prompted to "Add Photos".  Click the highlighted link and the rest is click and upload.  Please note, if you are uploading photos for the first time, you will be prompted to set up your album, once you name it and file it to your liking, click submit and you're all set.

  4. How can I upload a video?

    To upload a video on ICON, first go to our Wiki page and use the app you need, either as an embedded code or youtube video.

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